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First issue of Gaia Web magazine


"Gaia and I – To Change the World with a strong will. "


Shozo Kazami

President and founder of Gaia City Creation School


  1. Earth Time and Human Lifetime


Compared with Earth time, human lifetime is very short and ephemeral.

Nevertheless,  some people may think

that their best days are gone and their lives were not as they expected.


But please remember those days of your childhood

when you were playing in a field for hours.

The days when you were young, you were filled with

hopes and dreams for the future.

And the days when there was nothing to be afraid of,

so it was a time when you felt like you could go anywhere.

All those memories with hopes and dreams are still alive.

And then, they come to your mind suddenly

and they become a driving force to change your lives.

You can think of some ways to fulfill the dream now

even though you couldn’t reach those dreams when you were children.


It isn’t too late to start what you really wanted to do.


 The chance to make a dream real comes suddenly.


Knowing your destiny make you stronger.


What’s the reason of my life?


What’s the purpose of my life?


What was I born for?


At some point of your life everybody has asked such questions.

If this happens you should go back to your roots, your starting point.

Then take a look at the past path of your life,

and reset your goals of your life based on your memories.


As a result of this,


past, present and future will emerge simultaneously.


A lot of memories will come to your mind.

For example, like the best days of your life,

the day you were crying, running in the rain.

And then you will see yourself on that path.


When you look back at yourself at that time, think about your current job.


 Is that what you really wanted to do?


Please remember what your dream was.


I also have been at the same situation many times.

At that time I always look back at myself, look at the future

 standing at the intersection

between my past and future and set the new direction.

I’ve had the words whispering in my heart at this kind of situation.

Those are the message saying


 "Don't be afraid to talk about sprit."


These are the words

that Bob Sam who is a traditional Tlingit storyteller from Alaska

speaks in the movie "Gaia Symphony Ⅲ"directed by Jin Tatsumura.

These mean that


 “Speak your soulful words ,


speak your inner voice


and you should not be afraid to move forward.

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